Execute line x times

Hi there, I,m going to try to explain as well I can. Sorry my poor english.
My cuestion: Is posible call one function 5 times? I need call one function 5 times with 1 sec delay between. How I can do this? I know that I can make a timer and a counter and this long way. The thing I want to know is if exist one blueprint that it make one line is executed for example 5 times with especific delay.

Thanks a lot!

You could also make a copy of the for loop and add a delay inside it since latent nodes are allowed in Macros. You’re best off doing timers and counters though to avoid blocking on load.

Pudiera usted copiar el macro “for loop” y añadir una demora, es permitido usar nudos latentes en los macros. Sin embargo, seria mejor usar un reloj automatico y contar manualmente para evitar bloqueando la carga.