Examples using Game Engine.

Hey guys,
I’m a student from South Korea studying Unreal Engine 4.
I’m looking for examples which have used Game Engine for not creating games but anything else.
For example, It could be an interior simulation, VR projects, works done by media artists etc.

Could U guys recommend anything U know?

It would be reeeeaaaaaally thankful if you give me the links.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Check out Unreal Paris! I believe it’s available from the Epic Games Launcher, but I’m on my laptop and can’t check. Also, Blizzard recently did an environment as well.

edit: lol really bad google fu trying to find the blizzard thing, i’ll try again after class

Take a look at this section -> There you can find many archviz stuff. :slight_smile:

Here you can find some more interesting projects like: