[Example project download] Blueprint, nodes of death, advanced BP bug

Some people (like me) is experiencing heavy problems with blueprints, please I would like you to take a look on the issue, like its not a problem easy to reproduce I added a download link of my bugged project for you to test.

If you need more examples of the issue be free to contact me, I have more examples of the download content with the first issue I found (without try to work it around), and I have another private project with this issue too.

Project version: 4.4.3

Forum thread with more info:

**Answerhub topic: **

Alert: Note that this files have been tried to be reworked to avoid the issue, so in the original point they were made in other way
Aler2: Do not copy these files to your own project making copy/paste or your project will be infected! the issue is persistent so even if you copy a node it will start crashing

Example screens of the issue:

Thank you very much, I believe in you guys!

Closing this thread since you already have similar discussion going on here. Having all discussions in one place helps Epic to track better and address the issue. :slight_smile: