Example of dynamically adding spline mesh components in Content Example project

Hey guys.

For a while now, I’ve been struggling with the ability to dynamically add spline mesh components in the construction script. As we all know, this is and extremely useful for feature for adding pipes, roads, bushes, etc. within the level.

There’s a few good videos out there, but in my opinion the Content Example project lacks this particular feature, which is easy to setup, but can be difficult to understand.

I’ve gone ahead and already made example 2.5 in the Blueprint_Splines map within the Content Example project.

I’m sure this could really help newcomers understand this particular feature, as well as old school UE4 users.

I would be able to zip the project and upload it to this thread if need be. Hope to see this soon in the Content Example project :slight_smile:

Can you please keep the link to download