Evil Horizon - Horror Survival FPS

Update #1

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Update #2

Curious about the future content, keep up :wink:

Thank you much appreciated!

Look super nice!! Congratulations!!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Q/A - Discussion

Player design attached as well.

Hi Josh, I listened to the Q & A Discussion (which is very cool). I’m glad to hear Multiplayer is planned. I would urge Multiplayer implementation upfront as there are different Blueprints/C++ Functions required for network replication/multiplayer/splitscreen. In short Retrofitting is not fun.

I did not understand the Tower Defense association as there was no mention of game mechanics allowing the player to defend territory/possessions by obstructing the demon attackers (typically achieved by placing *Static Defense Structures *on or along the path of attack). I can visualize a couple of approaches to achieve this within the confines of the story:

  1. The Player can craft Reactive Barriers, Booby Traps, Mort & Mines from supplies and set them up in the Building during downtime before Demon Attack Waves start.
  2. Player can issue commands to AI-controlled Humans to set up in locations and pick off Demons.

Soul Collection suggests Supernatural Energy Forces that can be put to work. This justifies the use of Supernatural Powers in my opinion. Probably not part of the Player’s arsenal, but, should be in rare frequency, considering the player is ‘special’ in this story.

You mentioned the game will be very unpredictable. Sounds great! Any Jump Scares? Any Procedural Interior/Exterior Level Construction?

Great suggestions and got me thinking on some ideas. :slight_smile: As for jump scares if we get the work in that were hoping we can then possibly putting in some cut scene jump scares during game play could be cool, or some small goofy Easter eggs that pop up like classic Mortal Kombat. :slight_smile:

Update #3


You managed to give mme chills , great job !
I would say , work a bit on lighting and maybe make the enemies have around 6-10 different sounds and work a bit on that so they dont repeat a certain sound that much ( you can edit the same sound , just add some echo , add some bass and things like that ) but try to make them so that the player hears different effects for the enemies :slight_smile:

again , GREAT JOB !

Yeah, the lighting we were not too worried about yet because this was just meant to be a little cinematic to showcase the map update and when we add stuff in we will have to redo the lighting anyways. The enemies sounds idea is something we were wanting to play around with so great suggestion on your part. :slight_smile:

We will have several types of enemies when the smoke clears so that will need many sounds and re-using as many as possible is one of only a few efficient ways we have discussed in the team.