Evil Horizon - Horror Survival FPS

Evil Horizon

Can you survive Evil?

Update Video #1 -All further updates will be posted on our W.I.P. thread.

Game Summary

Your working as usual when all HELL breaks loose and you realize nobody is still alive to help you, or to explain what is going on. You hear the loud sounds of screaming going on all around and the gut wrenching feeling of helplessness as you look around and find there is nothing there until you see it! You see the horrifying scene in front of you, the eye twitching and grotesque figure in front of you. You see Hell itself in the distance and turn for closure, but quickly notice it has surrounded you. At this point your heart beat has leapt out of your chest stunned at the realization of your incoming fate. Your work, your life, your future now have all been thrown into question, under your breath you whisper the only thing that can be conceived in this moment…will…I…survive?

As a player you must now rediscover yourself to quickly fight off the onslaught of demons, zombies, and other monstrous spawns of hell to survive and figure out what the HELL has happened.

Can you survive Evil?

If you are interested to learn more than what has been posted below be sure to contact me via Skype, PM, or email, thanks!

This is our official UE4 W.I.P. Thread

Team Structure

Updated: 7/15/2016

**Joshua **- Lead Game Designer
Math - Lead Game Mechanics
Max - Sound and Music / BP’s
Andreas - Level Designer / Artist
Omor - Rigger / Animator
Alex - Artist


C4Chaos (CG Phoenix) - Artist (part time member)

Notice: Must dedicate at the minimum 10 hours a week unless given a special requests due to personal matters. Must be the age of 18 or older no exceptions. We have a major 7 day no show rule. if you leave without telling one of the members in some way, shape, or form. You will be removed from team no questions asked. If you have a vacation, illness, or any other personal matter that requires your attention for more than 7 days in a row and keeping you away from the project and team, then you need to let someone know. We realize everyone has personal matters but it only takes a second to let someone know, so were not holding up the rest of the team waiting for you specially if you have a pending assignment due. This is to help keep the serious people weeded out from the rest and keep our team functioning smooth as possible.

If you are okay with the above conditions then we would love to have you if the position and position requirements are met, again thanks for the interest in our project.

Talent Needed

**(2/4) 3D Artist **- We need reliable 3D artist who can make objects such as vegetation, structures, player and enemy models, NPC’s, and so on. Being an RPG we will require a large workload on the art side to fill out the game World as we progress. We will also need Riggers and Animators to help bring our Worlds population to life. You can take on one or several of the 3D art side positions but must have 2+ years minimum experience and some prior work to showcase to be considered.

(1/2) Level Designers - Must have a keen eye for nature and environments as a whole. You will need to use assets to create our maps that will be showcasing the game World keeping in mind several elements that will be placed there. This is an important position as you will control a major part of how the game looks and functions correctly in cooperation to the rest of the team. Must have 6 months+ experience with level design in Unreal Engine 4 and prior work to showcase.

**(0/2) FX Artist **- Someone that can bring the Magic into the game and make it look amazing. You will be required to have a somewhat knowledgeable background when working with particles. We will have portals, magic skills, potions, level up, etc. These will all require particle effects. You will need several months to a year of experience and prior showcasing of past work.

(1/2) Music and Sound Composer - You will bring the emotions to the game, from saddened times, to joyous moments of accomplishment. You will make the adventures that more adventurous to the players. Building both impactful moments and moments of despair. Must have 1 year of experience or more and prior works to showcase.

**(0/3) 2D Artist **- You will need a strong passion for drawing and visualizing art styles. Some of the duties vary from sketches to Illustrations and in between. Sometimes you may need to assist the 3D Artist with textures and concept designs. UI/GUI, logos, and other marketing type PR pieces made also be needed at times. Must have 2+ years of experience and willing to take on challenges to push your skills further. (Since this position has so many levels to it we ask that you describe what type of 2D Art your experienced with and if willing to take on multiple tasks.)

///Positions that are more or less non game related but are still just as important.///

(1/3) Web Developer - Directly assist with all web side management and development. This includes the main company website and all game related pages. Must have a strong know-how with HTML, CSS, and PHP when needed. Knowledge of many of the popular forum boards would be helpful also. Must have 2+ years experience and some snippets or site examples of prior work.

**(0/1) Community Manager **- Must have great relationships with people online, stay focused and educational. be a mentor for all of us to look up to and not a nightmare online. We need people who can keep our communities clean as possible, while still bringing them all the latest buzz from our staff about anything pertaining to the game, company, staff, and or website updates. You must showcase strong knowledge of social media, community forum software, moderation techniques, and a good public relations. You will make topic catagories, manage other Moderators, and provide support as best you can. Must be reliable and very active in the communities. Strong English grammar a MUST! Experience required is 2+.

(0/2) Video Editor - Simply put you need to help take footage from our games, use our logos, music we provide, etc. Take all of that and put together some great trailers, lets plays, technical previews, intros, and so on. You will prepare our videos to be ready for public to view via our Youtube channels. Must have video editing software, 2+ years experience, and able to maintain 720p+ quality on all videos.

Any other position you feel we missed and you can fill be sure to let us know what you can bring to the table, thanks for the interest.


I’m coding it. (WIP)

Contact Method

Skype: Mingerjosh

Previous Work by Team

This is a new founded team and as individuals we have done work but not together as this is a newly formed unit. Though new together were very experienced in our own rights in the skill trades we practice. We are a dedicated team with a strong passion for game development and of course playing games.

Team Name

Crusade Studios

Project Name

Evil Horizon

Target Aim

**Steam/PC **(Mac in the future)
Age Demographic 16+
Global Audience Casual to Hardcore Gamer

Compensation Plan

Everyone will be paid on Revenue shares from Kickstarter and game sales. This is a percentage per performance basis. Could turn into full time position later on.



More information on the project and the team upon request.

The games current Facebook Page:

The Facebook page for our Company/Team:

I think I’ve seen the same story in Doom 2: Hell on Earth, and as Doom is going to release the new version in 2016, you might need a more complex story to succeed with your game. Well, that’s just an opinion of a narrative designer.

Thanks for the reply, yes were hoping more for perspective based gameplay which we have yet to see in games at least these days and that is tyhe selling point, I will discuss more into that when I have more concrete concept on it.

Still need people.

Hi Ryzon,

I like horde shooters and favor the direction of this project over Out Reach FPS and Legends of Gyo. I have to agree the plot is similar to DOOM, Project Frequency, and a few others, but, there is plenty of room for game-play innovation. Any Co-op multiplayer game-play?

Thanks for the support and no we have no co-op game play quite yet. We do plan however to get it in soon, at least a bare bones version of it.

Interesting project, PM sent :slight_smile:

Just got it thanks!

Team has been updated. Still looking for more members, thanks.