Everything in the ini's should be editble in the project settings in engine

I’m a big fanboy of the engine, but I still have to touch various ini’s to mess with scalability settings, lightmass settings and also any other settings that I have to put on a console command on “begin play”. All those things should be a check box in the project settings. I’m specifically referring to settings that effect a packaged game. Ideally there should be no setting that would require a user to tweak in notepad, ever.

Also I think the templates should be extended to dive deeper into specific markets. Lets say you are making a pc game. The bare minimum for that game will include main menu, graphic settings, key bindings and perhaps a couple other small things. If your game does not have these things you will get destroyed day one of release no matter what pc portal you release the game on. I’m not saying fully cover TRC compliance across multiple platforms but there are at least 4-5 things that all games must have no matter what type of game you are making. Currently you can either put in the elbow grease to learn how to do all that and implement (not hard at all just time) or buy the elements piecemeal from the marketplace and pray to the digital gods that they update it with whatever engine version the user decides to ship on.

Love the engine. Keep up the great work!