Event wires not pulsing when events happen

Hi all,
I’ve been playing around with UE4 and it’s been working very well, but I fired up the First Person w/Blueprint project, ran it, and noticed that the event wires don’t pulse when events happen. Other things do. I can turn lights on and off, kick off overlap events, but if I press space to jump, nothing happens in the blueprint. Same thing with pressing the fire button. If I disconnect the event wire, the event doesn’t happen, so I know the blueprint works.
The reason why I’d like to see it is because I added something for when a projectile hits a target and nothing is happening when it hits. I set up the location and hit event properly. That’s when I noticed the wires don’t pulse. Any ideas?

Are you selecting the instance of the object you want to view the events of? It is a drop down menu in the upper menu of the blueprint editor.