Event race condition between blueprints

I have a race condition between blueprint entities, which I don’t know how to work around. I need to load some data after a level is loaded and I do it on BeignPlay in my game state. Once the data is loaded, I send an event using an event dispatcher.
Some of the actors in the level need to react to this event, so I bind a handler to the game state event, after the actors receive the BeginPlay event. As you can see - there are many entities running code on BeginPlay and there’s a race between them (binding an event handler vs. dispatching the event). Is there an established pattern to work around this problem?

Did you come up with anything on this?

It’s a problem I have faced and only got around with what I’d consider to be ‘work-arounds’, or at least code that I feel is more convoluted than necessary.

I think the title is perhaps misleading, something like “How to handle actor dependancies” or sometihng like that might be more accurate. It seems like a problem best handled by some architecture so perhaps its not blueprint only as well. some c++ programmers might be able to chime in?

I can offer my particular solutions if you are still looking for answer but i’m curious to hear others solutions so wanted to open this back up

I know I solved it, but can’t remember exactly how.