Event Hit is fired even when Simulation Generates Hit Event is diabled

I’m working on the flying template trying to make a game prototype out of it.
I started playing with the collision settings and reading the documentation in order to figure out how these works.
As I understand if my pawn is set to be Object Type: Pawn and I set it to block WorldStatic for example and “Simulation Generates Hit Event” is diabled, my wall objects are set to WorldStatic and are set to block Pawn, I shouldn’t get “Event Hit” in my FlyingPawn blueprint unless I set the “Simulation Generates Hit Events” to true.
I put a breakpoint on that event and I see that it fires no matter what.

Can someone please explain to me why this happens? perhaps I don’t understand how this suppose to work yet?
as I understand when two items are set to block each other and this setting is disabled I shouldn’t get events, this is good if I only want to both objects to block and no further actions are needed and I wouldn’t want to spam with empty events, on the other hand I would want to enable it and use the event if I want something extra, for example causing damage or playing a sound.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway any help in figuring this out will be appreciated.