Event Dispatcher on duplicated BP's

I’ve made a CookieBP with an Event Dispatcher.
Every time my player enters a box collision of CookieBP, it launches him in the air.
This event is called from the level BP.

Then I decided to duplicate my CookieBP, so I can have a few of them around the level, launching a player.
But somehow, all of them don’t work.
Only the original one launches a player.

What is wrong? And how I can make it happened?

Thank you!

I’m not sure why that is, but that’s also not what dispatchers are for. That might be why you’re having a problem.

For the functionality you have it would be enough for each BP to just launch the player, the duplicate them.

If you wanted something like ‘player walks into a box and all other boxes in the level fly upward’, that would be a dispatcher.

So a dispatcher is a one -> many system.

In any event, I tried this and made a cookieBP, which contained ( and called ) a dispatcher LaunchPlayer. I found I couldn’t bind to it in the level BP, but could somehow get this event:


It works with multiple instances of the cookie cube thing.

EDIT: I did manage to bind to the cookie, no it doesn’t work. After I went back to the node idea ( above ), I had to remove my second copy and remake it. So, yes, the system it not really happy with some sort of multiple bind.



Thanks so much. Totally stupid move from my side - Creating a dispatcher))))
Thanx for pointing me a right direction.

No worries, easily done. There are so many different ways of communicating when you’re learning, it takes a while to figure out what they’re all for…

Thank you