Event Dispatcher becomes corrupted when named 'OnDrop'

My event dispatchers are being corrupted after being named ‘OnDrop’, be corrupted, I mean that the properties in the details panel disappear and the event dispatcher returns warnings on compiling. Here is a screenshot of the details panel after renaming it to ‘OnDrop’:


I am encountering this bug in 4.9.2, and if it matters, I do override the ‘On Drop’ function in several of my widget blueprints.

Edit: I am also unable to delete the event dispatcher once corrupted, the only way for me to get rid of it is to undo all of my changes.

Hello Jamendxman3,

Can you reproduce the issue in a new project? Also, there is already an OnDrop function that is related to Widgets, so that is not actually your Event Dispatcher. If you can reproduce this issue in a new project, could you upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive and provide me with a link so I can investigate the issue further? Thank you.

Hello Jamendxman3,

I’ve been able to reproduce your issue, and have entered a bug report, UE-22462. Thank you for your report.

Have a great day,

Sean Flint