Event called from Controller not firing on Character

So I’ve been having this issue off and on. I have my input set up on my controller which fires events on the character. Unfortunately not all of the character events are firing properly from the controller. When I use breakpoint the flow stops at the event call on the controller and doesn’t proceed to the character. Placing a breakpoint on the event within the character doesn’t fire at all. When I had this problem the first time, I just closed out and reloaded my project and it worked fine, but now I’ve got an instance of this that isn’t going away. I even tried remaking the event on the character and rewiring all the appropriate calls on the controller; no dice. This is happening in both 4.22.3 and 4.23.1. Any advice would be appreciated

Your code probably is referencing wrong copy of character.

Try using Dispatchers. Create event dispatcher in Controller, the nget reference to that controller from character, then assign to dispatcher.

And this may help: Event Dispatchers explained - Finally ! - Unreal Engine Forums

Haha! Thank you!

  • User error for the win. Editor was referencing wrong instance of character in the world, so breakpoint wasn’t firing on the one that was selected, and UE wasn’t picking up on the one that was firing. Variables I was using to check were being changed after a delay farther along in the event, so looked as if they weren’t being changed, when in fact they were being changed then changed back.

Feeling stupid, but there it is. Thanks for the insight.