Event Big Play / Tick Event

Hi All

With begin event play and Tick Event, you can only have one of each in a BP.

If I have a branch at the beginning of any of these and it comes up false, I can not use other nodes.

Is there away around this. I tried to copy event tick, but does not seem to fire.

Any ideas?


Just use a sequence node:

Event Begin Play / Event Tick -> Sequence -> (Then 0) Your branch -> (Then 1) other stuff.

Even if your branch validates to false, “Then 1” will still be executed.


Cheers and thank youo.


You can also merge branches.

i.e. True > Set Var > Set location
False > Set location

Just bring the false node of a branch back to the next step in the path after the branch; so if the Branch uses a bool to set Rotation if True, then the False pin should feed the same thing as the output of the set Rotation node, which is the next set of nodes you want to do.

You can also create looping auto-play Timeline nodes to simulate Tick using the Update output; I do this a LOT. If I’m on a far corner of the event graph, instead of using the Tick path and a gate / branch to activate some sort of lerping, I just use a Timeline. They get pulsed at the same rate so Delta Time works the same.