Event BeginPlay not working properly?

I’m trying to get a point in World Space and convert it into Viewport space. I know how to do that.

The issue comes when I try to do it on BeginPlay vs when I do it in Event Tick. Take a look at the 2 pictures below. Looks like if the Player Controller isn’t loaded on begin play, but is on event tick. Judge yourselves:
[ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“large”,“data-tempid”:“temp_177036_1573673746691_924”}[/ATTACH] And the output is this:

What might be the problem?

Adding a Delay node of 0.01 seconds right after BeginPlay now seems to yield the correct value. It seems like if I needed to give UE4 a bit of time to “catch up” and read the correct value out of the “Project World Location To Widget Position” node.

Even if this works, seems like a bit of an artificial solution. Is the Epic team aware of this issue? Maybe it’s just me, that I don’t understand very well how all this works behind the scenes?

You can’t control which blueprints are going to fire BeginPlay first.
I had a plugin that can do that, but I ended up killing it because there was talks about Epic about to add said functionality…

Apparently it didn’t go forward, I don’t know why.


Thanks . The images in your post are blurred out. Is the plugin being updated? Anyway, I managed to work a way around it by adding a delay node with a time sufficiently high, say 0.3 seconds (almost unnoticeable for players at the beginning of the game).

Make sure you read this:


The most important bit - "However, there are differences between standalone and editor modes, both in terms of the exact order of some of the functions that are called, and in which functions are called. "
This gent took it apart manually and got *really *close to nailing it.


Thank you for the heads up Everynone. I’ll read more into this.