Event ActorBeginOverlap doesn't seem to work

I have two blueprints actor in my project, one is an arrow shot (spawned) by the player and the other is a simple enemy (cube with a collision). I have a blueprint on each using the Event ActorBeginOverlap, on the arrow it is todestroy it when colliding with the enemy and on the enemy it is to push it back a bit when colliding with the arrow. The problem is that the arrows just go through the enemy without any of the events firing. No matter how I tackle the problem I can’t seem to make it run. I have made an album with some pictures off my blueprints in the link below:

May seem like a question too stupid, but did you set up the collision for your meshes correctly? Do this on the right-hand side in the blueprint when you have your collision object selected.

If that’s not the source of the problem, try hitting play while watching your blueprint. See if it triggers the ActorBeginOverlap node at all.

In fact, I’d personally not have two ActorBeginOverlaps for this. Use only one, and create a custom event (with for example the destroy actor in it) in the other blueprint to be called when overlap was detected.

Lastly, I’d avoid using arrows (many people in my class have faced difficulties with this). Add a box collision and check it with that.

Hopefully I was of help!

Thanks for the reply!

I tried what you said and played with the collision, got rid of the arrow component, and put the destroy in the same blueprint. The problem remains and the projectiles keep going through the enemy, though i checked the blueprint while playing and the event overlap fires, but the branching condition is always false.

Here is what I have now: http://imgur.com/HW6nYfh

EDIT: Just tried comparing the class instead of the actor and it seems to be working.

You need to set up collision object in your blueprint and then cast overlapping events from it

simalar question was answered here :