Esstential information maya to unreal workflow

I’m getting ready to create a stage in maya what are the do’s and donts? will lighting carry over particles and etc everything to know would be highly appreciated.

There’s far too many do’s and don’ts to cover in a forum post, especially when animation and third-party tools/plugins enter the mix.

However, there certainly a few things that I had to figure our in order to get just about anything to work correctly.

  1. Always export your models from Maya in FBX format. Also make certain that “Smoothing Groups”, “Tangents and Binormals”, and “Triangulate” are all checked.

  2. Always try to stick as close as possible to real world size and measurements. Also, Maya and UE4 don’t use the same scales of measurement by default. I’ve found that changing the uniform import scale to 3.0 provides pretty accurate size.

  3. Avoid overlapping UVs at all costs. In my experience, UE4 gets all pissy when there are overlapping UVs.

And to answer your question: No. Lighting and particles are not carried over. The way in which the particle and lighting systems function in both pieces of software are dramatically different. You’ll need to setup lighting from within UE4, just don’t go placing movable lights all over the place because that will drain your performance about as fast at anything else.

And Cascade, UE4’s particle system creator, is its own beast. I’d suggest you dissect the particles in the Starter Content to help you get an idea of the differences.

Hope this helps