Error while packing

Hi everyone,
I need your help. When I pack my project to windows(x64) some models and resources simply desapear.
The first pic is the main menu how i can see when launch the game in editor. You can see a star (sphere):

The second one is how i see the main menu executing .exe file after packing.
Star is disapear:

The problem affects to other resources. For example I have a text file where I have data about factions
and it isnt pack too. Sorry Im very noob using unreal engine but I need your help to fix this problem.
Thank you

This is the log:
log.txt (481 KB)
Im using UE 4.10.4

Nobody know a solution?? Please Im desperate

Have you made sure to fix up all redirectors(rightclick content browser and click fixup redirectors)? This is a recurring issue with rearranging/organizing project files. I had some issues with that the other day where my player controller wasn’t recognized and I had to fix redirectors and reconnect the game defaults (game instance etc)

just a thought ;D

Thank you. Im working right now but this afternoon I will try your idea. Later I tell