Error while blueprint scripting

Can anyone help me to solve this problem.

It seems that the function Get Dynamic Material returns nothing. Perhaps you never assigned a dynamic material to the Image. Seeing that you execute things on Construct here, this is most likely the case.

I agree with @Everyone, it seems return nothing. You can look my solution in below and [this][1] link.

What does Set Brush Resource to Material give you in this instance, why not simply:

And Set Members in Brush struct instead, if you must.

Of course this is a another way (:

It was an honest question, I can swear I’ve never seen that node before :smiley: Thought there’s something more behind it. Let’s say, if you want to dynamically swap from material to plain image - is this when you’d normally use it?

Honestly, i saw it for the first time a hour ago from here :smiley: