Error when building : Failed to produce item Project-HTML5-DebugGame.js

I am not even using HTML5, and I have never configured it so.
This is the only build error i’m getting and it’s frustrating me a lot.
I tried recreating the source folder, regenerating the visual studio project files, deleting the Intermediate folder, none of that works.
Please, I need help.

That doesn’t look like anything you are using in your project. It looks like you were building for HTML5.

In the VIsual Studio IDE there is a dropdown-box sitting in one of the toolbars. It should be next to one that says “DebugGame”. If it says “HTML5”, change it to “Win64”.



It’s a rookie mistake, but one we all have made. For me, it was in Win32.

tbh I don’t know why it changed, it used to be Win64 and I didn’t touch it.

You didn’t. Sometimes it happens when you generate project files, I think. Another thing to watch out for is sometimes in the solution, the UE4 project will become the “Startup Project”. Have to make that your project (right-click it and there’s an option).

Oh and quick tip: You can stretch out those dropdown boxes in Visual Studio so you can read all the text. Setting Up Visual Studio Development Environment for C++ Projects in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Thanks !