Error using Remote Tool

I’m attempting to use the Unreal Remote Tool to build on my Mac Pro Book remotely. It successfully communicates with the mac but then I get this error when building from visual studio:

Error 4 error : Error getting full path for: /UE4/Builds/XXXX-PC/Users/xxxx/UE4/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/…/…/C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject5\Intermediate\Build\IOS\MyProject5\Inc\Launch\ (Exception: The given path’s format is not supported.) C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject5\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\EXEC MyProject5

I’m not really sure about why it would be attempting to concatenate these two paths, or if I’m just reading the error message wrong. I’m also unsure where the ‘UE4’ folder is being looked for relatively. I created my UE4 folder with engine in my User directory on PC and the Mac, and not at the root of the drive (was unsure if this could be affecting things).

Hi Awdogs,

Please post this to the answerhub at for further assistance. Thank you!

Thanks, question has been posted here:

Edit: I found the solution to this issue, follow the link above to find the answer.