Error no file directory- Build failed on simple program

Hi all,

I started using Xcode (version 8) on OSX El Capitan today to build programs whilst I am learning C (I only know the very basics of the language so go easy!) When I try and run my simple program (see below) I get the following error message explaining why the build failed:
“error: can’t change directory to ‘/Users/lucagilardenghi/Documents/Xcode/Sea/sea.c’ (No such file or directory)”

I understand this is very basic but it would be greatly appreciated if someone can help me, it is very frustrating

Many thanks,


Hello chillwizard,

This seems to not be related to Unreal Engine 4 and looks like you’re trying to do basic program development with C, which is quite different from C++. I would suggest using Stack Overflow or another site that is for general code troubleshooting.

Hi Matthew,

thanks! Ive since realised I posted in the wrong forum, I’ve resolved the problem anyway,