Error Log when building for windows

I recently added a new c++ class but then deleted it, maybe this is whats causing it, but I have deleted it from the folder, I cant delete it from in the engine.

Anyway here’s the error log, crashing on build for windows. It has normally been working.
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Not sure about your errors but once you have removed the offending c++ class from your solution and deleted it from the folder, when you go to build the project (Build from IDE) again it should remove it from the editor content browser.

It somehow found the folder now and so it’s gone and deleted, in case this was the problem, I made a new blueprint hud class and set that as my default class for every level, but now the error on packaging the game comes much quicker lol.

Just hope for a staff to see this.

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Hey Dannyk90-

If you’ve removed code from your project then you need to update the project to reflect that the class has been removed. To do so, after deleting the code files from the project directory, you can right click on the .uproject file and select Generate Visual Studio project files. Doing this will update the .sln and remove the code files from your solution .


it says I don’t have any source code, I would have replied faster but looks like this websites email system has broken.

Was your project originally a blueprint project or a code project? Has any code / classes been added to the project other than the one you removed? When you removed the class did you do so through the project directory or inside Visual Studio / the editor? Do you have a Source folder inside the project directory?

Originally a blueprint project, I just wanted to see what adding a C++ thing is like.
I went through the dir not visual studio. When I deleted it from the folder it removed it from the UE.
I dont think so,

When you add code to a blueprint project it will create a Source folder inside the project directory. When you removed the class did you delete the class files inside the Source folder or did you delete the entire source folder?

the entire folder and 2 separate files it created, i just made it look like my other projects.

Hey Dannyk90-

If you add a new empty code class to the project it will recreate the source folder. Doing this should allow you to package the game for Windows without error.

I did that and it didnt fix it anything then I did the create visual files as you said earlier, that didn’t fix it, that c++ thing is a trap!

Heres the new error log, it did run a lot longer though…
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I may have misunderstood the problem you’re having. You created a blueprint project then added code to the project. You then deleted the source folder and are now trying to package the project with File->Package Project->Windows. Please let me know if I’ve missed something or if you are doing something different.

that is correct

I created a BP project and added code to it which created the Source folder in my project directory. After deleting the Source folder I added another code class to the project which recreated the Source folder. At this point I was able to package the project successfully. If this is not working for you can you send a copy of your project for me to test directly? If you’re able to upload the project to Dropbox you can send me a PM on the forums with a link to download it from.


Please check your inbox on the forums

Hey Dannyk90-

I downloaded the project and noticed that there is already a .sln file for the project as well as a source folder. It was my understanding that you had deleted these when you decided you did not want the class you’d added in the project? I also noticed that the MainMenuUI widget blueprint has 4 nodes casting to MySaveGame but do not specify the object that is being cast to MySaveGame which causes compile errors for the blueprint.

wow thats odd, im sure i would have noticed it was not compiling before, I was just leaving those saves for something i might use later on, it was doing nothing.

I did delete it but i put it back again like said before ^

Thanks though for pointing out them saves lol my project is working again :slight_smile: