Error in EU4

When starting UE4, the window of selection blueprint or C++. Then UE4 opens and closes the report window error. Operating system, Windows 10 64 x for Russian language. Thank you for your attention.

The selection window of the IDE after 5 seconds closes. What you need to provide information?

Hello Nikita,

If you do not receive an answer here, try asking the same question in the bug reports section here. Also, try to make the title of your question very specific to help describe the problem you are having in UE4. If you provide a screenshot (picture) of what you were doing inside of UE4 just before the crash happened, that would also help.

Hello Nikita,

As AJ mentioned, it would be helpful if you could provide a screenshot of the error itself that you’re getting when you try to open the editor. I’ll need some kind of error message to know what is happening.