Error in downloading dlc content from cloud

Hello guys,
I’ve been trying to package my project with minimal apk and dlc.
Packaging has been completed successfully for both apk and dlc but when i run the application on the phone it says : Error code - 6 , Error text - FAiled to reconstruct manifest file.

Any one has any idea about this error ?
Please help.

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Same issue for me. İf you solved this problem can you teach me how i can do ?

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Are there any updates regarding this problem? @Sudhanshu_kr
I am trying to update my android application by hosting a PAK file on my ftp server. I only received this error when starting the editor. I used this documentation: Mobile Patch Utility Nodes in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

Hi guys!
Did you find any solution? Have the same problem here. 6 - failed to reconstruct downloaded manifest file

Hi guys

I was also able to package successfully, but I am getting this same error when I run the application on my phone.

What could be the cause?

Please Help Us.