Error importing character as skeletal

Hello, with version 4.14 I try to add a skeletal mesh but the engine closes, I tried it in version 4.13 and it worked correctly, someone else happens the same thing? Or do you know how I could fix it?

Solution 1:

Wait for 14.1

Solution 2:

This is kind of a wacky workaround. You transform your complete project to 4.13. You import your skeletal mesh. Transform your project back to 4.14.

Solution 3:

Check the import settings. You should compare the import setting on both 4.14 and 4.13 and see if there are any changes.

Good luck! I wish this helps.

Option three outside, the import is the same, I will have to use option 2 for the moment, only for the automatic LOD, thanks for the contribution