Error! Did not get a response/ No information recieved

Ok, so whenever I try to start up UE4, I get the error saying that it did not get a response. I tried all the suggestions here A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums.

Furthermore, when I just click “ok” and try to log in, it says “error could not connect, are you sure you are connected to the internet?”

I was able to produce an error log by going in offline mode
Please help!
link text

Hi FrozenEcho,

Looking at your log it looks like you have a libcurl 35 error. Usually this has something to do with you DNS so my recommendation would be to try OpenDNS or GoggleDNS and see if that fixes your problem.

-Max B.

Thanks for the prompt response!
I tried OpenDNS, made sure to flush my dns cache too before starting up UE4 launcher and got the same problem. Here is an error log from after in case it helps:

Sorry it didn’t seem to work last post, here is the new error log
link text

The new log you posted doesn’t seem to be a debug log so I can’t be 100% certain but it seems likely that the issue was not fixed and it’s still occurring. I put the issue into our database for our developers to take a look into it. I or the developer looking into the issue should respond back here with more questions or possible solutions.

-Max B.

Ok, so do I just wait to hear back then?

Hi FrozenEcho,

Yeah, unfortunately sometimes Launcher issues take a bit of time to debug. We’ll post back here with updates as soon as we can.

Hey FrozenEcho,

I’ve taken a look at your log file, thanks for that. I can see that for some reason, you’re unable to reach any of our servers from your machine. Please can you recheck whether you’re behind a proxy server (as per the instructions on the troubleshooting Wiki page), and also make sure you’re not behind a firewall which filters outbound traffic?

If you’re not behind a proxy or firewall, can you obtain debug logs and post them here. If you’re not sure how to get debug logs, it’s also mentioned on the troubleshooting Wiki page. This will hopefully give me more information to diagnose the problem.

Can you also try to visit, and let us know the results?

Ok, I followed the instructions on the wiki page again (I had already done that before my first post) and get the same error here is the error log (since this happens on start up I selected “restart” when I enabled debug) log
Here is the result from when I clicked that link you gave me
“errorCode” : “”,
“errorMessage” : “Sorry the resource you were trying to find could not be found”,
“numericErrorCode” : 1004,
“originatingService” : “launcher”

Something to note: I use Bitdefender, and so even though I turned off the firewall, I cannot completely disable the anti-virus portion of the program without uninstalling it. I suspect this may be the issue, but don’t want to have to uninstall it to try and figure it out (I have to go through a process of deactivating my copy and reactivating it). But if you think that’s the issue I can try uninstalling Bitdefender, and if that fixes it… I guess find a new Protection Suit.

We have had reports of people using Bitdefender having trouble connecting with the launcher but it doesn’t seem to be an across the board issue with Bitdefender users.

We’re investigating the issue at the moment, could you tell us which BitDefender product you’re using specifically? Also could you provide a DxDiag for us? This will help us in narrowing down the issue going on here.

-Max B.

The program is bitdefender total security 2015.
I tried uninstalling Bitdefender and it works, so it was Bitdefender that was doing it. The bitdefender help was… well unhelpful when it came to trying to resolve having both bitdefender complete AND UE4 work at the same time.

It’s good that you’re able to get the launcher working but it should not be at the cost of uninstalling your protection suite! We’ll look into this and see if it’s possible to get this resolved so there’s no conflict with BitDefender and UE4 Launcher. I’ll post here when we figure out what BitDefender is doing and if we plan to do any fixes on our side for it.

Hi FrozenEcho,

Just wanted to update you on this issue with Bitdefender. We’ve talked with them and got the launcher added to their exclusion list and after a restart, should (hopefully) let you log in now. They also have some documentation on setting up an exclusion manually found here:

Let us know if you’re able to log in now with Bitdefender turned on and active.

-Max B.

Well, I reinstalled bitdefender and tired it, got the same issue. I followed the instructions in the link you provided and still no go. I got the error logs here:
link text
It could be that there just needs to be an update put out by the bitdefender guys for the exception to take effect. Since I was able to download UE4 when bitdefender was uninstalled, I can at least access it in offline mode (though I can’t update it).

Thank you for the update. We’ll continue to work on finding the root cause of this issue and report back when we have new information.

I had the epic games launcher runing well for like 7 months. Ago since I instaled… but Now 3 days ago I open it and says ERROR unable to reach any epic servers at this time… I change DNS and add the lines -wininet and I still cant log in can somebody help me whit my problem… Thx

Hi zmoke,

We had a Launcher issue over the weekend, but it is now fixed. Could you please try again?

If the issue still persist, could you post a new report in the Installation and Setup section?