Error creating Physics Asset

I’m trying to import a mesh for a vehicle and I got this error:

The bone size is too small to create Physics Asset ‘NewPhysicsAsset’ from Skeletal Mesh ‘Viper’. You will have to create physics asset manually.

The overall size of the mesh is about 44cm x 39cm x 10cm (is an R/C car).

How can I create manually a physics asset and bound it to this mesh?

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As I understand your question, you cannot automatically create an asset when importing
Link: Creating a New Physics Asset | Unreal Engine Documentation

Another way you can try out is to right-click on the Skeletal-Mesh asset and create Physics asset.

If that does not work, you can right-click in the content browser, search for Physics and then create the asset, you can open the skeletal mesh and see that you can connect a physics asset from there.

Both methods will not works. With the correct size mesh the resulting skeleton structure inhibit the creation of a physic asset generating the error I reported. If I upscale the same mesh of a factor 10 then everything works (I just have to scale the mesh in actor viewport).