Error creating 'Pause' Menu within ThirdPersonBP

I am trying to create a ‘Pause Menu’ when ever you hit ‘Tab’ the problem is that I’m getting an error:

“Error This blueprint (self) is not a
PlayerCameraManager, therefore ’
Target ’ must have a connection.”

I’ve seen some other people with a similar error, but I don’t really understand it. I’m thinking it has something to do with my toggling between 1st and 3rd person because it is using two cameras?

Anyhoo I’ve posted some screen shots below of what I’m working with. Any idea on how to fix this so I can make my menu? Thanks digital homies.

Blueprint of my ThirdPersonBP you can see my code for POV toggle below my pause menu code

Here is the menu BP


You set Show Mouse Cursor in player controller, and since you are already doing it in the player controller you dont need to get camera manager or anything else. Right click in player controller BP and get the Set Show Mouse Cursor bool.

I fixed the problem, the solution is for me to not be an idiot.

I was setting the wrong node, it needed to be Get Player Controller NOT what I had before. haha my life is a developer is simple dumb mistakes. Now if only Ruby was this easy to fix.