Error Code: SU-PQR1603

Hi guys, help me I don’t know why I can’t install the Epic Launcher and consequently UE4.
I’m trying them all but nothing. Advice?

I have updated GPU Driver (I have a gtx 980ti)
updated Windows (ver. 2004) and DirectX X64 and x86.

i always have this error code problem

thank you

error error

… every now and then I don’t know why Windows starts me type in administrator profile and, here I tried to install Epic, and it worked.

honestly, I wouldn’t know how to reload the user, the other (I don’t know what it is), that windows loads me. I’ve always restarted, it loads it randomly rarely, but today it reloaded it and here I tried to install EPIC and it’s gone. I restarted and went back to the desktop I use daily and now it works here too