Equipment system PAPER2D + Rig?

For a game, i want to make an equipment system that would be visible in game, so if the player equip the helmet X, it should be seen in game.
But :
-How to manage the “equipment library”, the equipment database so when i add a new equipment the player can select it and equip it.
-How to make the equipment sprite be shown on the player. ?

For the second question, can i make a rig for the player ? Like i import a spritesheet like that (example found on google)
And i could assign each sprite to a bone of a rig, is it possible in 2D?


Bump :stuck_out_tongue: need help on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

You can make a fbx in blender and rig an image. Then they will function just like normal models but be flat. From there you can use attachments for a helmet. Turn attachments on or off with blueprint script to simulate an equpping mechanic.

Quick Example:

Slower Rig Tutorial-

Helmet Attachments-

Inventory -

If you want to go pure paper 2D, I think the only way to do equipment is with image overallys via flipbook.

If you don’t mind a fusion:
You can combine flipbooks and rigged 2D to create all the effects you seem to describe in your post.
A random example:
Have the body and legs be sprite components but have the arms and head be to seperate mesh components. Rig the mesh components and add attachements as needed.