Epic Zen Garden

Hi All

Forgive me if I am too noobish. I am making some nice progress with learning the engine editor. I was wondering why I can not bring in some of the Epic Zen Garden assets in to the project I made before I down loaded Epic Zen garden? Thanks!

You can. What do you try to do that doesn’t work?

Hi HavocX

I open the content browser and was hoping all the new stuff would be there that is associated with the Zen Garden. And its not. I don’t see it. I am probably missing a step in the process or the garden isn’t as exciting as I thought. :slight_smile:

Ultimately, I am try to add some cool props that aren’t in the standard props for the room I created.

If it’s in the demo, it’s somewhere in the project.

Open up the Zen Garden scene, select the object you’re looking to bring into your other project (such as a mesh) and in the mesh properties window there’s a button next to the name of the mesh where you can click to locate it inside the content browser. It’ll take you to the folder where it’s located, and you can migrate wherever you need. =)