Epic?.. you need to fix this spline tool

You have to fix this asap… never have i done some many hours in trying to create a simple road.
When it all went wrong, cause that is what happens with spline tool… it messed up all of the land…

Spline tool is not good atm, and i advise everyone not to use until its fixed.

Please fix it :slight_smile:

Why keep making threads on the same topic like this one: Making roads.. sucks - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums People have offered you alternatives bud. I’m making an urban map and using the ls spline tools for my roads and it works fine for me. Not sure exactly what you are having issue with.

Issues are… does not fit well on landscape… no collision on meshes

But indeed… there are 2 topics from about this… moderator?.. can you please delete this one.

I’ll figure the roads out somehow :wink: