[Epic][UE4][VR Editor] - Survey suggestion, collect answers and publicly display statistical results

The editor is the game! In using Unreal Engine 4 over the past year, we have come to the realization that UE4’s VR editor represents the 21st century’s toolkit, and coding is the underlying literacy. But there has to be a way to make it more accessible to everyone on earth ; less overwhelming for digital immigrants - especially since unemployment is projected to hit 50% by 2020 due to the effects of automation.

To everyone using the engine, what would you say have been the top 3 most challenging, and the top 3 most rewarding?

Top 3 Challenging:

  1. Learning how to use, navigate and imagine when using the editor - siri: help me with the TimeMachine!
    -see Lucida, IBM Watson
  2. Jumping in and out of Editor was too distracting, so in editor youtube/forums.
    -see UnrealJS or BLUI as another component of editor development environment.
  3. Jumping into tutorials without a measure of difficulty, complexity - result & approximate time - recording of editor session as 3D demo recording:
    -peer reviewed integrated marketplace into editor environment, ability to browse blueprints, tutorials

Top 3 Rewarding

  1. Investing time in learning how to make things pretty with materials and particles - makes you feel like a magician!
  • maybe it is possible to collect all community shared assets and content : various levels of content(complexity): Here is dust particle asset Lv1, 2, 3. Each looks better than the last, more complex and builds on previous framework.
  1. Learning to compile/build and debug source code - and now moving onto modifying the editor itself : VR Editor, adding a little ‘Black & White’ magic!
    -perhaps off incentive for tutorial video production -or other self learning components
  2. Sharing with community, receiving feedback and just watching people share things! Uber that marketplace with ratings, but also declare/call for community content to be submitted! Make it more socially integrated!
    -Make voiced over editor ghost tutorials a thing: I can watch a semi-transparent version of what you did as an overlay over my editor: with narrating instructions!