Epic sued? Whats your oppinion?

Just read this in th news…

Do you really think Epic didnt do its homework and gets sued?


Epic Games has nothing to do with Gears of War since years ago when game lead designer flee years ago taking GoW with him over to work for Microsoft Studios.
Unless something new to me, if Epic is involved with the game again, I didn’t know about that…

I imagine Epic could still be involved with a lawsuit like that, but I wouldn’t worry about it. The suit seems like a joke and they likely have a lot of proof of the development of the character.

Lindsay Lohan tried to sue GTA V for likeness, but that was dismissed. Basing a character on real people is fine, books do it, movies do it. But you cannot make your main character Arnold Schwarzenegger, with a slightly changed name and story, use him as marketing material and a selling point of the game, unless it qualifies as satire or parody.

Street Fighter has Mike Bison, which is based on Mike Tyson. Fei Long based on Bruce Lee.

Ellen Page might have a decent case against Ellie in Last of Us, but the resemblance still might not be close enough even then to sue.

Also, it seems kinda late, Gears of War came out in 2006.

Sounds like lawyers chasing ambulances and ‘it will just go away’.
But in the unlikely event there’s a payout Epic will phone Tencent :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of lawsuits and gaming… This one should be quite interesting…

Too late, you can’t wait over 10 years to sue somebody, a judge will most likely toss that out.

Well, if he tried to sue yeeears ago he might had a chance… Currently, don’t think so
Plus, not much substance either. One thing is to copy person identity to boost sales and another just to have some similarities between characters :confused:

I say what took him so long?
Also, is he hard up for cash?

Bet carmack regrets selling Id now…

Lame; a programmer can’t move from company to company these days, no more it seems.
I doubt Carmak did anything wrong.

In a lot of companies you have a part in your contract where anything you work on at work is owned by the company, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did some work on Oculus stuff at id before he thought it would matter and since it blew up they tried to ignore the issue but it became more serious. I doubt Bethesda was actually developing anything with VR at the time, but it’s pretty easy to see him being a bit careless early on.

Utter rubbish, that guy is probably desperate for money.

Character looks like his voice actor too. (So he is going to sue the voice actor now? :smiley: )

Even if there is some truth that he was based of that guy.
I don’t believe it will go anywhere. (Epic and or Microsoft has more money.)

Well considering that suing is America’s second favorite past time I would be surprised if Epic did not have a few cases on hand to deal with.

Seems that even if you sing Happy Birthday you own someone somewhere a few bucks.