Epic,please fix the search button on the archived UDK forums

Yep, that worked for me. Since I am currently looking for multiplayer info I typed in: multiplayer tutorial

Thanks BGX_botman! Good workaround! Though, it still would be nice for someone from EPIC to fix their broken website.

So far I can see all they care about is $$ Fortnite! $$

Yep, the “site” trick does help.Not pretty but is still something since Epic doesnt want to fix the search option…

Now even the udn documentation is down since a few days…Reference.html

I think someone responsible need to have a serious talk with the people from the web team.
What is happening here is far from professional atitude.


The problems go much deeper than just the UDK forums. Who would have thought the flagship UE4 forums would be saturated with 1. Hacked-fortnite-account issues… 2. Spam-malware-bots, often with no way to flag them. The web-side is mostly outsourced… Plus, in general Epic are understaffed