Epic Online Services

How can i add this “SDK” to my project? i dont know how implement

Surprisingly, the SDK doesn’t seem to come with an OnlineSubsystem implementation for Unreal Engine.

There is a plugin on the marketplace called EOSCore:: which you can purchase to add blueprint support for the SDK to Unreal Engine projects.
Note that it doesn’t seem to support the “game session” concept from Unreal online play; it seems to focus more on the social aspects of the Epic online services platform.

thx for reply, so this sdk is free, but not free? xD i want to use only the leaderboards

Right now, you’ll have to write some C++ code to do that. You’d need to also use the sign-in APIs to identify who the user is for the leaderboards.

If you want an online service that already has a working plugin, try the Steam online service instead.