Epic MegaJam Submission Thread



5 members:

  • Miroslav Sanc
  • Tomas Drahonovsky
  • Jakub Hromadka
  • Petr Halenkovsky
  • Daniel Rozanski


Charles “Speedhand” is the local sheriff of a small town. Bandits have started
attacking the town and Charles has to stop them. But he never
shoots first!

The goal

Kill all the bandits in town and complete various challenges (3 levels) to harm
their ability to attack. Charles never shoots first and mere bullets
won’t hurt him, so try to catch as many bullets as you can and aim
at the bandits. Charles will shoot back to settle the score. But be careful, explosions will kill him.


W, A, S, D - movement
Mouse movement - aim
Charles shoots automatically when hit

Disclosed Assets

Sounds - bought, free


Download Link: Ionizedgames_Frustum
Ionized Games

  • Taylor Loper

Disclosed Content

  • UE4 Mannequin
  • 2 noise textures from “Effects” Project
  • Vector field for “Effects” project

Desert Winds

Download Link DesertWinds-NATO_chrisjm.rar - Google Drive

1 Member

  • NATO_chrisjm (Christopher Morris)

Disclosed Content:

A/D : Move
Space: Jump
E: Interact
Q: Bash

Link to a download of your game: - Google Drive

Recommended at least 6 people up to 12 maximum.

(for some reason it crashes on launch in the beginning, but it should be fine after 2 crashes :'D )
also, the winning cinematic doesn’t show when the game ends

Team name: Voxelbags

List of team members:
JR4815 - @JR_UE4](
Nanovoxel - @Nanovoxel](
Slapunas - @Slapunas](
Jakayaki - @jakayaki](

Name of your submission: Scallywag Squabble

List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.

Vehicle Game [UE4 example project]
Water particles
**Particle Effects [UE4 exapmple project]
**Water Particles
**Starter Content [UE4 exapmple project]
Steam particles
Spark particles
Explosion particles

**Water Planes map [UE4 exapmple project]
**Ocean textures
**Content Examples [UE4 exapmple project]
**Vector field for Fish particles

**Music **
Alex Lisi - Epic Trailer Music
Alex Lisi - Haunted Places
Alex Lisi - Helipad Siege
Savannah by Bloppity
"Savannah" by bloppity
The Entertainer - Adovabadan Jazz Band -

**SFX **
FreeSounds.ORG and

**Font **

Substance Materials from Substance Share
Stylized Wood
Fantasy Planks
hammered metal steel
Unpainted Metal Flat
SP1 Backpack Padding[/SPOILER]

Chaotic Neutral - Running Dry

Don’t let that damned bot get away!

Catch up to the despicable bot who destroyed your family and take it down with precision timing and reflexes.

–Download Link–

–Chaotic Neutral–
Andrew Seward -@Boatsqt](
John Sinderman -@JSinderman](
Fellipe Silveira - @Zoc](
Erik Neel

–Submission Name–

“Death Music” - Epilogue - Visegar
“Gameplay Music” - Kommisar - Epsilon
“Victory Music” - Windy Bluffs - Visegar
“Menu Music” - Village Dreaming - Visegar
“Boss Music” - Miniboss Fight - Visegar

All Sound Effects were created with Tom Vian’s “Chiptone

Blood and Thunder

Blood and Thunder

Download Link:


  • Matthew Joy
  • Andrew Joy
  • Nicolas Pace
  • Aidan Possemiers
  • Luke Bermingham

Disclosed content:

  • Heavily modified free sounds from various sources

Link to download: RunningGamesStudio_NightmaresFromAfar - Google Drive

RunningGames Studio
Team members: 3 members, Eduardo A. Piñeiro Velez, Mellangie Gonzalez, Elias Nieves

Description: Pick everything you can and avoid enemies.

Note: It’s packaged in 64 bit. After dying the cursor works but doesn’t show, you have to hit start button on the keyboard to make it work. We couldn’t program the main menu in time along with a loading screen. The score widget doesn’t show but the score is shown by a string print. We couldn’t import the rigged character in time sadly but this is just a pre-alpha. Sorry. Hope you like it.

**Controls: **
A: Left
D: Right
Spacebar: Triple jump
Shift: Sprint

Disclosed Content:
Skull jpeg image from google.
Text used for banner: Moronic Misfire BRK

All content was created during the jam.

DOWNLOAD AwakenedStudio_Matthew.rar - Google Drive
Team name Awakened Studio
List of team members
-Alex Poirier
-Alex Emory
Name of your submission AwakenedStudio_Matthew
List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Everything was self-created within the jam.

Goal of the game
Hurricane Matthew destroyed Timmy’s home, fight Matthew as he is destroying your city. Push him back into the ocean or completely kill him!

W= Jump
A/D= Run
E= Punch
F= Kick
Q= Defend
-When the wind is pushing you, double jump and you will fly against it.
-Press Q while Wind Slices are about to hit you.
-Don’t get too close to Matthew… >.>
Unfinished features**
-You could hit Z to throw Timmy’s cap like a boomerang
-You could hit X to plant a metal rod so “lightnings” would hit it instead of you


**Team Name: **MusicalMinions
**List of Team Members: **Vaei, PlinioDesignori
**Name of Your Submission: **MusicalMinions_OfMusicalMinionsAndSingingScores
**Disclosed Content: **None, all made during the competition period by us

Team: Two Eyed Storm
Project: Eye For An Eye

Download: Two Eyed Storm_EyeForAnEye - Google Drive

Team Size: 5
Sean E. Garcia Rios
Rafael Gerardo Delgado Vélez
Kiana Nicole Ortiz Hernández
Jeanlee R. Bermudez Albert
Rayscent Van Rivera Garriga

Download Link: [Download]](

Harambes Revenge:
Find the 6 dynamite sticks randomly placed within buildings within 2 minutes and blow up the evil zoo keeper idol statue.

4 Members:



Left Mouse - Attack
Right Mouse (In Air) - Slam
Space - Vertical Jump
Shift - Lunge
Shift (In Air) - Air Lunge

Disclosed Content:

*Blender foliage generator*

Space Dance

Team: Dancing Meshes

Download: Dropbox - - Simplify your life (Fixed Highscore: Dropbox - - Simplify your life)

Description: A rhythm game - Vive only! Hit in the beat and get the highscore!

Trigger: Fly towards direction (left hand: forward, right hand: backwards)
Thumbpad: flip fly direction

Music by
SounVis by eXi
vrexpansion by mordentral

Have fun!

EDIT: A ‘0’ multiplication screwed with the highscore system. Fixed in: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Team Name: The Stimpire
Project Name: Witch’s Revenge

5 Team Members


AD move character
W Jump
E Unload Candy

Avoid candy or you get too heavy.

Download link:

Used Assets
UE4 Sidescrolling Template
UE4 Stylized Rendering Landscape Tutorial
Music (and/or Sound Effects) by Eric Matyas,


**Download Link **


The other robots dismantled you, now time for payback.
Start from bare essentials as you try to get you revenge against your enemies who dismantled you.
Good luck!
Jump on your enemies head to defeat them!

W,S,A,D - Move
Space Bar - Jump
Mouse - Move the Camera

Known Bugs
Collision issues persist.
There are some minor lightning problem.

Team - Five_Guys
Abhinav Singh
Rahul Rathore
Nakshatra Soni (OP Artist)
Amolesh Mahato
Maahi Singh Likhari

All assets were made by us. So no copyright issues. :slight_smile:
This is our first game on Unreal. Hope You like it! Thanks for the extraordinary opportunity, we really enjoyed it. Thank You.
P.S - Our internet is really slow. We’ll keep you updated when it uploads fully. Thank You.

Sweet Revenge


SethPDA Team
1 Member
Csősz Gergő Levente (SethPDA)

**Disclosed Content: **
Everything is self-made: sounds, textures, models, animations, UI etc.

Story in one picture: (What the game is about)


Game name:
The Silencer

ver. 1.1 quick fix (still before deadline) :

ver. 1.0

BUG: Game doesn’t reset if you got fired/lose. Restart the game please!

Digital Hussars

  • Michal Orzelek
  • Mateusz Więch
  • Pawel Miniszewski
  • Előd Somogyi
  • Peter Balogh

WSAD - move
E - pickup / use item
ESC - pause

Disclosed Content

  • Scavenger’s Loot Pack (our content)
  • Interactive Lights System (our content)
  • Realistic Rendering Template content
  • Bed from Xoio Berlin Flat
  • Mannequin Starter Animations
  • Music: Our own + Drum And Bass Dnb Neurofunk Techstep August 2016 (Free)


In Reveggie, you are the italian policeman Frank Brocco, who is going for a revenge rampage after some vegetarians that kidnapped his son.

Azoth Studio
List of team members: Lucas Foganholi and Juan Monteiro
Name of your submission: AzothStudio_Reveggie
Non-original content: One song (Electro Funk) from DL Sounds, and another one (8 Bit Electro) from Electro Baptist. Also, a Font (8Bit Wonder) from Joiro Hatagaya.

Can you inform if I made it in time? I had problems with my internet connection, poor signal in Brazil, only succeeded in upload it, now. Thank you!

***Split The Bill is a monetary puzzle game where you have to settle the bill at the end of a meal. The goal is to make sure everybody has paid their correct share while trying not to make anybody unhappy with the contributions. You can’t please everybody! But you have to try your best. Or you can play dirty and try and pocket leftover change for yourself.

TEAM NAME: Trash Pandas
PROJECT NAME: Split The Bill!

James Broderick - technical and gameplay
Dominic Mathuse - technical and gameplay
Amber Jamieson - environment assets
Zhane James-Marshall - characters

NAME OF SUBMISSION: TrashPandas_SplitTheBill
Precontent: Some start content cubes, plus a simple master material asset I have made previously, stylized rendering demo post process that I forgot to remove from a level. :confused:



It’s a bit cobbled together but it’s all our first attempt at a proper game jam and we had all just started our masters degree this week haha, we plan on doing a lot more throughout the year to get better at the process though as it’s pretty much completely new to us, was great fun! Some notes: The third level is unfinished so I apologise for that, and the gameplay needed some work… I will be watching @Allar play all the entries and it will be great to see if there are a critiques or advice for when we do it next time. :slight_smile:

Download: Ottsel_MegaJam - Google Drive
Team name: Ottsel
Members(1): Nise
Submission: Ottsel_Exterminate
Prepped content prior to jam: -All meshes, animations, and materials were purchased or created before the jam.


Download Link>>> Spoooky Sushi by spectronaut

Electric Hotdog
Patrick Loughman, Design, Code, FX, Lighting

Todd Colby, Graphic Design/Infographics

Nathan Brandes, Environment Art**"]fluffy music


Spoooky Sushi is a VR game about tallying up stacks of conveyor belt sushi plates at a sushi joint for ghosts. When the customers finish their meals, the player must teleport to their tables (you cannot just walk up to the tables, yay deadlines) and do quick mental math inorder to select the correct price from the Add-O-Matic tablet. Doing this fast will earn you the most tips.

The idea, design, code, art and music were all done within the time-frame of this jam with the exception of the soundFX(Arcadia)](Arcadia in Sound Effects - UE Marketplace) and the VR Hand (Hands for VR: Basic)](Hands for VR: Basic in Props - UE Marketplace) both purchased from the Epic store.