Epic MegaJam Game Thread

**Project Name: **OHM
**Team Name: **Team Benny
**Team Members: **5
Download Link:…
Video Link: OHM - Epic Megajam 2017 - Team Benny on Vimeo

Disclosed Content:
ONE (1) Particle System used from Infinity Blade: Effects Package.

Music By:
One of our team members: Eirik Borgli

WASD - to move
Right-click - to turn on/off flashlight
Hold left-shift - to sprint
ESC - to pause

Edit 1: Fixed Photo position.

**Project Name: **After Dark
**Team Name: **Team Prime
Team Members: 5
**Download Link: **…0/AfterDark.7z
**Video Link: **

WASD to move character
Mouse to move camera
Left-click to chop
Right-click to eat berries

F to interact

Presenting Kyndill, an adventure through the darkness.

Playthrough video (spoilery):Kyndil

Reach the end of the level by lighting the torches around the way and fending of the darkness.

There are still a few bugs with the enemy AI and sound I was unable to work out in time. However, the game pretty close to what I was shooting for. Please let me know your thoughts if you give it a play. I’d be interested in hearing any and all feedback so I can continue to improve. Thanks!

Name: Time
Download link:
Team name: Magfersile
1 member: Magfersile

Disclosed Content:

  • Universal Sound FX
  • Game Music Mega Pack
  • Infinity Blade Effects
  • Polygon City Pack
  • Mocap Free Animation Pack
  • Aaron Neal (Youtube)
    Monster Mesh and Animations

Time is our most precious commodity and the forces of darkness are always busy. The only thing required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.
Can you spread more light by cheering up the people in the city before darkness overtakes you?

Use WASD to move, mouse to look around, and space to jump. Press E to cheer a person up and bring them to the light side. Avoid people who are on the dark side. Also, at night, people on the light side will give you a health boost, but watch out, people on the dark side will hurt your health. At night, there are powerful beings of darkness will chase you indefinitely until the sun comes up. One hit from these beings will destroy you so avoid them at all costs.

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Title

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Beyond Light

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Team NAME

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Code8bit

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]All assets, sounds, music are created by Code8bit during MegaJam 2017. (

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]MEMBERS

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Emre TANDAR ------------------------------Sounds&Visual Design

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]İpek Tuna TANDAR -------------------------Visual Design

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Burak Can TIMUCIN ------------------------Programmer

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Sumru TIMUCIN ----------------------------Programmer

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Platform

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]HTC Vive – VR Game

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Summary

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Your galaxy is about to collapse. A giant blackhole, sitting in the middle of your galaxy, pulls everything into an unknown darkness. Even reaching light speed is no good. You have to be faster than the speed of light to survive the upcoming cosmic catastrophy and give light energy to your galaxy’s desperate planets which are about to be seized by the giant blackhole.

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Inhabitants of your galaxy’s planets finally decided on an escape plan and you are chosen to rescue planets near the giant blackhole. You begin your journey as an advanced life form and your kind know the secrets of transforming between matter and energy. You have the ability to reach the speed of light yet none of your kind ever tried to exceed the speed of light and travel beyond this mystery. Will you dare to go beyond matter and energy?

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]You have to travel faster than the speed of light to overcome the blackhole’s massive pulling force. Collect light particles along your path to gain energy. Spend your energy to become faster than light and supply light’s energy for the planets which are in need of your help. Beware of meteors and other dangers slowing you and stealing your light energy. Traveling faster than light will be more rewarding but keep in mind that it consumes your energy. How fast can you get to help your galaxy? Break the limits. Move fast, think fast, react fast and bring light to as much plant as you can without your inner light being consumed. Good luck !!!

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Gameplay

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]You start the game in a cosmic path with an initial velocity. Your main task is to rescue as much as planets you can and try to achieve the best score and the best time before your path comes to an end. Along your path, you will be able to collect energy resource boosts and speed boosts while meteors and anti matter particles are dangers that you should be avoiding. Each planet rescued will add to your end game score multiplier. Collectable items and danger items during gameplay are as such;

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa][COLOR=#9900ff]Collectable Items and Rewards[/COLOR]

  • [FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Initial Energy: 30.000 Energy
  • [FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Energy Boost: 250 Energy Gain
  • [FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Speed Boost: Boosts Acceleration and Acceleration Bonus Score Multiplier

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa][COLOR=#9900ff]Danger Items and Penalties[/COLOR]

  • [FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Dark Matter : 250 Energy Loss and %25 Speed Reduction
  • [FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Astroids : 100 Energy Loss and %33 Speed Reduction
  • [FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Rescue Planet: 1000 Energy Loss and # of Planets Saved Score Multiplier

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Controls

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Motion Controller Trigger L&R ---------- Speed Boost (consumes energy)

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Motion Controller Trigger L ------------- Incline Left

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Motion Controller Trigger R ------------- Incline Right

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Motion Controller Face Button 2 -------- Rotate Right

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Motion Controller Face Button 4 -------- Rotate Left

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Motion Controller Shoulder L&R ------- Menu Management (Lobby)

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Motion Controller Grip 1 L&R ----------- Open Menu (Gameplay)

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Scoring System

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Scoring is basically based on your acceleration during gameplay. More you accelerate, more points (higher bonus multiplier) you get. At the end of gameplay, your gameplay score is multiplied by the number of planets you saved and also if you finish your path with your energy remaining, these are also added to your total score. You can view your current/best score and current/best time inside the game lobby.

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Download Link

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]…light.rar?dl=0

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Video Link

[FONT=Microsoft PhagsPa]Beyond Light - Epic Mega Jam 2017 - YouTube

Proud to present to you:

**Filament **by Beard Envy

Filament is a room-based puzzle game where you control robots tethered to the environment, use your tether to light the pillars and reach the exit

Beard Envy is:
Aaron Coker
Ben Webster
Josiah Ward



WASD to move around, everything else should be explained in in-game tips

Thanks for playing and we hope you enjoy, It’s been a blast to make and hopefully is just as fun to play

Everything but audio was made by us during the duration of the jam

The war against darkness

JK5000 (A solo project)

The fight between good and evil has started. Will the evil or good side be the winner of this war?

This is a turn based board game for two players. The winner is the player that can conquer all the fields. A turn have two phases. This two phases are a building phase , and a move/fight phase.

All you need to play this game is a mouse, a windows computer, and a friend.

You can find and download my game here.

Good luck and have fun

Would it be possible to get a list of games entered? Even if it’s before you validate submissions (just a list of all submitted entries?) Since there’s no confirmation, and no public submission thread etc, it’d be nice to know that the submission was received.

Game Jam Build Download Link -…ew?usp=sharing
(CRITICAL BUG FOR GAME JAM BUILD - Don’t upgrade distillery to level 4 otherwise you’ll get no vodka.)

POST-JAM DL Link - Game Jolt - Games for the love of it (distillery is fixed, added scoreboard, wave balance has been tweaked, pathing reworked, ui reworked, more wobble)

**The Potato Nightmare

by Team Potato**

Sourced Assets (used for ground texture)
premade mask texture for selected buildings indicator
premade fade blueprint
premade explosion effect
potato logo was done before the jam and inspired 5 special potato turrets.

Project Name: GLIGHT
Team Members: 3
**Download Link: **!EzBB1CAA!o2QBu0LFC…EUdLYmBxR8C0MY
Video Link:!Yng31QoZ!EBrWFv591…rH9mNx8hDXXX-c

Disclosed Content
All is done by us except for:
-The Door mesh
-The used font (downloaded at 100% free)
-Sound Effects (either downloaded from internet or pre-made), Music is original instead.
-The Unreal Mannequin (and all related assets, like animations etc.)
-Levels are made using the engine basic shapes (mostly the cube mesh)
-The Fan mesh
-The arrow texture
-Particles for collectibles are a modified version of one from the “Particle Effects” learn project

KEYBOARD: A D to move | SPACEBAR to Jump | Q to Light
GAMEPAD: Pad to move | A to Jump | RT to Light

The Bureau Of Happiness

Download link Google Drive

Team Name: Succubi in Hats
Team Members: Handkor
Name of your submission: SuccubiinHats_TheBureauOfHappiness


Read the story of a little girl trying to cheer up her mom
the mom works for the bureau of happiness as an administrative assistant.
That morning she left drained and didn’t even get her morning hug
explore the bureau and find out why it is such a dreary place
hugs hugs hugs hugs…

Move with WASD
Use selected action with spacebar or left mouse click
Change action with Q/E, right mouse click or the mouse wheel

Warning: camera aligned controls may not always follow the comic panel you are looking at

1 business suit model
Music (for some reason it does not seem to want to play though)


Project Name: Shaman
Team Name: Team Awesome Cats
**Team Members: **5
Download Link:…w70hHlJX6HFHZe
**Download Link (fixed version): **…iEt6dKltAnxsZQ,

Sadly we found nasty crash after submit, it crashes after cleansing 8th crystal (in any order) :frowning: so here link above to fixed version


Disclosed Content:

Music By:
Team member MastaBlastya

Goal of the game is to cleans 12 crystals and find your way using creatures which you can posses, there 3 type of them, stuning Deer, Double jumping Batman and crashing stronghold. But in order to get posses them you need to cleans enough crystals. Corrupted crystals are surrounded with deadly shadows, in order to cleans crystal you need to get rid of them or stun dem with Dee.r On the way you also find Trigger crystals that work like a switch to unlock you new paths thru the cave.

Movement - WASD or Arrow Keys
F - Interact with Cristals
R - Use Ability
E - Posses/Unposses
Space - Jump

Hello, due to packaging issues at the end we were unfortunately only able to deliver the video, and not the packaged project. We’re game design students, and this is our first game! Hope you guys like it.


Lykke E. Lillebøe
Martinus Aamot Dahl
Natalie Johannesen
Kristoffer T. Hansen
Nick Jackson

Video Showcase:…

Edit: We finally managed to fix our issues with the packing! Hope you’ll take us into consideration even though it’s so far off the deadline… No changes/upgrades were made to the game. Not sure if that can be proven, so you might have to take our word for it. :frowning:

Packaged game:…Ghost.rar?dl=0

**Project Name **- A.M.I.
**Team Name **- Boilerplate
**Members **- David Anderson - blueprints and gameplay, Kurt Weaver - modeling and level design, Brian and Brandy Watson - voice acting

Project Download -…15?usp=sharing

The crew member model was created before the jam and the music/sounds are royalty free. You can pause with special right or enter, and pressing special left or Esc while paused will close the game. Pressing Y (top face or Y key) while paused will let you restart with a new pawn without losing your progress if the need arises.

Edit - press Pg Up to toggle resolution


By the Fairy Tale Team:

  1. Runeberg (C++ & BP Development, Tech Art)
  2. Kevin Duell (Level Design)
  3. Ljubica Jovanovic (Art, Modelling)
  4. Mikey Fewkes (Sound Design)
  5. Nom (Animation)

Game Description:
You are a Fairy trapped by Hades in the Underworld. Escape the Underworld before you succumb to the darkness.

Recharge your inner light (health) by going through LightShafts (safety zone) and picking up Crystals (Health boost).

Game has two modes:

VR Mode + 3rd-person Co-op (Rift, Vive, GTX 1080 recommended):
If your HMD (Rift / Vive) is on and connected, then VR Mode starts automatically. Spectator/s can also play a co-op Fairy in the splitscreen, the co-op fairy doesnt die but can lose light. Co-op Fairy can be used to scout and help the VR player (full co-op where each player can see and help each other out to win the game wasnt implemented).

Third Person:
If no VR HMD is detected, you automatically start in a solo third person mode. In this mode, you control the fairy using your keyboard and mouse.


VR Mode:
Press Trigger to fly. Point the motion controller to where you want to fly to.

Third Person Mode:
WASD/Arrow Keys + Mouse: Move fairy

For those wanting to reset the game from scratch after playing: Delete the Saved Games in your local directory: e.g.

Game Name: Dark Dimension
Team Name: Code Respawn
Team Members (1): Ali Akbar
Download Link:…ew?usp=sharing

All gameplay logic and meshes were created during the contest period

External Resources:
Music & Sfx: SciFi Adventure Library / Universal Sound FX
Particle System: Infinity Blade Particles
Font: PermanentMarker - Font from Google Fonts (Apache License)
Starter Content pack

Team: Sleepy Sheep

Sutthiphat Skare
Emil A Solberg
Bjørn Erik
Sindre ersland


The Game: Flash…&action=locate

After Game Jam:

Mouse wheel
Mouse right click

Project name
**[SIZE=16px]You are an Angler Fish on the hunt for other fishes & on the run from sharks. **[/SIZE]
Complete rounds by eating all the fishes in the level & avoid sharks & underwater vulcanos!

Team name**
Feverdream Studios

Team members: 2
Felix Seljeseth: Programming, Music/Sound, Cinematics
Even Topland: 3D-modeling, Enviroment, Animation

Dowload Link:…42RLilqgeMFwSM


Knowledge Is Power - However vast the darkness of ignorance, we must supply our own light of knowledge.

Original Submitted to Epic Game Link: KIP Download
Updated release, but still a fair few bugs: KIP Fixed Download

Disclosed content for those interested: Infinity Blade, Couch Knights, Mixamo Animation Pack (I hate re-targeting), Particle Effects, Strategy Game, Sonniss GDC Audio.

Sadly I didn’t get to test as well as I would have liked due to other events. I’ve released a slightly fixed version which lets you get past the first puzzle, and also re-enabled your AI ability to attack enemies that are attacking them. As such I still don’t know if you can actually complete the game but for now this will be as good as it gets.

Team Spectrum

Shaun Baker
Kenneth Ma
Sean Herron

Game: Assimilation
Shift: Dash
Space: Jump (Hold for bigger)
W, A, S, D: Movement

Controller supported:
Triggers: Dash
Bumpers: Jump


Disclosed assets: Main menu font belonging to Darrell Flood (Inversionz).