Epic Launcher runs in background, causes some errors. (Unreal Tournament)

I am having an issue with the epic launcher.

To duplicate: play a game of Unreal Tournament before bed, exit to desktop then leave pc to go to sleep on its own. In the morning when I wake up there is a WR-001 error (connectivity issue) when in reality I am connected to the internet just fine, even though it says WR-001 I can just close the launcher, open Unreal and then start playing online, I can browse the web, I’m posting here :stuck_out_tongue: etc. It seems like the reason for this is that when I close Unreal Tournament, for some reason the launcher wants to keep running in the background, I assume its also checking for updates and since my pc was in sleep mode it gave epic the finger and said “wake me up later for this **** man” which epic just took as network disconnect (no response)

Does anyone know of a way to close Epic Launcher at the same time when I close Unreal Tournament? the way it is now I constantly have to go into the bottom panel, right click and exit epic launcher… it works but annoying extra steps. lol Mostly I just dont want epic hogging my system resources when I’m trying to play games made by other companies.

UPDATE: even when Epic launcher has no processes running, and doesn’t show up in the bottom panel… I still get this WR-001 error after leaving the pc in sleep mode overnight. After closing the WR-001 message I opened task manager and didnt see any processes or services related to epic games. Maybe it was named something else? I can usually see the Epic launcher in task manager and it definitely wasn’t there.