Epic Launcher Login time

Hi all,

My apology in case this question has been raised before. I have been unable to locate it.

The time it takes us to login to the Epic Game launcher is crazy long, it sometimes takes up to 2 minutes to just login. I am wondering what could be the reason for this. Are there others who experience this as well? We are in China so we are using VPN servers, might this be the cause? When we turn of the VPN servers the login time still remains the same. Are there any known fixes that we could take a look at to see if it applies for us?

Same in Belarus.

Its also taking a long time for me to log in, not 2 Minuts but around 20-30 Seconds, a few months ago, it did log in basically instantly. I live in Germany.

Here in nowhere only takes a few seconds

But you can try to use it in offline mode


It’s also been taking me a while to log in during the last couple of days. I always get an error and then it suddenly works after the 5th try or so.
The forums are really slow, too.

Yeah took me maybe 20 seconds-ish to log in earlier and the same just now

Hi, it takes me 20-30 MINUETS to log in, something is very wrong