Epic Launcher is broken... AGAIN!

We all know the issue of adding a line -OpenGL in the Epic Launcher properties. Now I have issues with an Update loop followed by an Unsupported Graphics Cards issue after the Update Verification. I’m using Win7, but my GPU is compatible. I’ve been using it without any issue for months and three seconds later, this problem happens out of the blue.

All my assets and Blueprint kits are in my vault.

I’ve tried everything (-OpenGL, reinstall, delete Web Cache, etc). Any new ideas of how to fix it?

Is it only me, a Windows 7 user, having this issue?

You could try posting in this thread as well, as it contains more bugs / gripes related to Launcher + Win7. :wink:
Haven’t gotten the Launcher to work since last year. Epic need to offer a Dev-only Launcher w/o all the bs. :mad:

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I have the exact same issue.did u find a fix?


Is anyone finding the unreal engine not able to launch today or is it just me?

I have just tried to reinstall the engine thinking it was a problem on my PC…

I can not even download it?

Epic is aware of the issue and we’re working to resolve it. You can monitor the status at https://status.epicgames.com/


Hey Josh, small thing… Marketplace Free For The Month is showing Farm Animal Sounds as non-free. :wink:

UPDATE: Issue now appears resolved. :slight_smile:

Thanks, it was indeed corrected shortly after we noticed the issue.

Regarding the launcher, the team is still working to resolve it.

Today’s launcher issues should now be resolved. Our apologies to all customers that were impacted.

Hi Josh.
As of a minute ago the launcher’s Unreal Marketplace tab is just giving 400 bad request / cookie too large errors…

Thanks, I missed your message yesterday. Totally separate issue, but we were able to get that resolved as well. Marketplace on web was not impacted.

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Still can’t open epic games . Windows 7.after the update of epic games get downloaded it shows verifying and then it restarts and shows unsupported graphics card error.tried opengl and still ain’t working

have no issues on win 10 with rtx 2060

update to windows 10 already… lol

No… Ban Microsoft Telemetry instead. Germany banned Microsoft products over this!

@Unreal_Josh Epic please offer a Launcher-for-Linux for UE developers, or allow marketplace assets + engine downloads to be done using just a simple web browser - nothing more!

Combining a games launcher and engine downloader into one, and making it windows only, was probably the worst decision Epic has ever made, seriously… :rage: Even just the security vulnerabilities on their own, make this a horrible decision… Honeypot for Hackers, hello? :-1:

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Hey guy! After many months, there was no fix to Windows 7, so I’ve upgraded to that Windows 10 ■■■■. Windows 7 users have been abandoned by many platforms and developers. We have no choice but accept it.

I really, REALLY hope Epic create a Dev-only Launcher. I don’t want to be a hostage of players and their needs… for other games.

Word! We need a Dev-only dedicated Launcher indeed.

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If only our Epic overlords would offer a BROWSER-ONLY download option.
The only reason to force a desktop downloader is Surveillance Capitalism! :rage:
Either way, the Launcher doesn’t work properly anyway… This is total BS!
Solution: Skip the marketplace! How much there is worth buying anyway? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Most of these things don’t work with Win 7 anyway.
I shifted to Win10. No choice.

Can’t skip the marketplace. I bought critical kits like Third Person Shooter Kit to finish my game (merging kits here and there, you know). I’m a game designer with an artistic base, so my weak point is coding. I’m solo developing until I finish my vertical slice to show it to investors. Then I can hire a programmer to help. Until there, I’m totally dependent on the marketplace.

(Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of Epic Games. Thanks to them I can make the game I want. I think Tim Sweeney deserves to be a billionaire because he provides a change in many lives, improving the whole industry. Also, he needs all this net worth because of this. We all know this, more resources, more power of execution).