Epic has a plan for making Animation & Rigging Toolkit for 3ds Max?

I checked there is special plugin which Epic is supporting for Maya and it looked Cool.
But I was not happy with that there was no 3ds Max plugin.

I’d love to use that cool stuff but I am not good at Maya and I dont have it too.
So I wanna know epic is making 3ds max version or having a plan about it.

I wouldnt expect a 3Ds Max version provided by Epic. It has taken Jeremy Ernst quite a long time to make that plug in for Maya only. There is CAT and Biped systems in Max though, so try to make the best of them.

I read somewhere here on the forum that A.R.T (Animation Rigging Toolkit) will not be made for 3dsmax because Epic uses Maya as their Rigging and Animation software. If the source code of A.R.T is available then maybe some MAXScript expert can write it to support 3dsmax. :slight_smile:

Yeah as a Max user myself, I would love to see some more Max support (I know Maya well…But I still prefer Max ^_^).

Heck, i’ll throw a couple pennies his way if he can do it hehe.

Interesting… I can possibly see that happening in the future. Hopefully Epic would be so kind to do that.

3dsmax 2015 provides some python support, not sure it would be that great judging by other aspects of that program.
But nonetheless they could at the very least provide some basic standartized setups, rigs, etc, so user could just skin and animate from the get go.
Cat and biped are very clumsy and buggy, and typically you want hand made rig with your own scripted controllers so you can actually fix anything
that goes wrong.

I would love to see any movement into 3ds direction from Epic, at least those standard setups i suggest.

Hey guys, Max comes with Biped which has the same functionality. You can import mocap, retarget animation, save poses, and create animation layers. It has great skin weighting tools, etc. We used biped for the vast majority of Marcus’s animations in the Gears of War trilogy. A.R.T. was created, so we could get a biped like rig system in Maya since all of our animators use Maya.

Biped in 3ds max isn’t buggy at all, it’s the industry standard for animation in almost every AAA game developer in the world. It’s only buggy if you don’t know what you’re doing :smiley:
CAT is buggy and awful, which is why no one uses it and Autodesk will dump it soon.

Biped is awesome! I don’t see Autodesk dumping CAT though. Too many people use it and they payed a lot of $$$ for it. lol

I think its a matter of preference for the user as to what is “Easier” for him or her in their own specific workflow… Some people like to bone out their characters and others would rather use the robust and simple option of the Biped. CAT is a decent tool but it has its tradeoffs. Again though its all about to each his own. I’d like to see a 3ds Max tool set created… Perhaps if not by EPIC than by someone in the community. There are tons of maxscripters out there… hopefully someone will take it on.

As said, 3Dmax has many plugins, and has biped by default, it’s not buggy,
if you spend the time to learn it well, you can do a lot, not to mention you could use Maxscript, you don’t need python.
I don’t see any need for making a similar plugin for 3DMax. Maya is said to be best for animating anyway, so it’s a good idea to learn it,
once you know one 3D software it’s not as hard to learn another one, or just parts of it.

I work in vfx biz for 14 yrs and I haven’t seen in past decade anyone using biped. Im surprised epic is/was using it. Maybe in games its different…
As for CAT it get bugged when AD bought it (as usual) with softimage and started to core-rewrite it. Its pretty decent in 2014, probably production ready for small jobs/games.
Anyway I hope epic won’t waste time&resources dev for 3ds max, software with one foot in grave.

For gaming biped is easy for making design animations and also especially for small companies that can’t fork out the money for a Mocap Setup and such. A lot of “making of” reels especially from a few years ago when tools and engines became slightly cheaper will have sections showing animators using bipeds to make rough animation sketches and then slap their model on said biped animation. They all have pro’s and cons.

I watched tutorials and was really impressed by epic’s animation toolset. Now I prepared to install it for my 3ds max and just realized that it’s for maya only. What a shock :frowning:
I am using 3ds max biped for a few years. It’s a good tool, but it’s capabilities are limited (For example: spine is FK only). And Epic’s toolset looked like exactly what I need. I really hope that they’ll make a 3ds max version of it.

3ds Max also has CAT

For those interested in retarget biped and CAT animations, check out this post, i hope it helps :slight_smile: