Epic Games Launcher redownloads the mod even though it was downloaded via Steam [small quota]

As the title suggests… I have a small-*** quota (per month) and I managed to download the ARK Dev Kit through steam last night. I got around to clicking “play” on steam, which lead me to all the hoo haar about using EpicGamesLauncher (already had that all set up and ready to roll)…I go to the ARK tab and it doesn’t say “install” but instead, “Download”. Then it tells me the size and all of the dev kit. I clicked download thinking it my do what Steam does and “Discover” files…but no. So would it be a good idea just to copy my ARKdevkit folder from my Steam directory to maybe trick it into thinking I have it installed or do I have to go through all the troubles of redownloading this >30gb file?

Thank you,