Epic Games Launcher needed an file from another game

Just downloaded Epic Game Launcher and install always stopped when patching when it could not find file named UE4PrereqSetup.msi and i did not find that file on my whole computer but with some googling i found that it was part of game called Dreadnought and then i downloaded the game and was able to point the directory to games launcher and was able to finish the installation.

Also i first did all the things that was associated with the error, downloaded all the vcredist’s and directx without no help and this was the only fix.

Just wanted to report it and also inform if anyone else have has this problem there is an quick fix for it. And also it would be nice to know why this kind of strange move had to be done just to install Epic’s Game Launcher :]

Sounds like something went wrong with the install process, since the prerequisites are downloaded as part of the launcher.

Yeah, this was one of the strangest installs i have had in a while :smiley:

Sometimes that could not find XXXX happens and when you just press browse it is on the default directory what comes up first and install continues but this was out of this world :stuck_out_tongue:

I downloaded the installer few times and also booted computer but always the same error. Only when i got Dreadnought after searching with google for that file i got it working.

But this seems to be like one in the billion kind of “bug”