Epic Games claim copywright infringment on a bunch of flagrantly asset ripping terrible Steam games?

I was just wondering and hoping if the Epic Games team would be able to DMCA takedown the few terrible somehow-greenlit or early-access games on Steam that flagrantly rip off the teams’ work?
By these games I mean those such as:
“A New Awakening” -
This one just plain steals the ‘Elemental’ tech demo, adds a few completely out of place walls, and calls it it’s own. Then proceeds to steal the ‘Shooter Game’ template example and continues using Elemental assets, in an increasingly terrible experience.

Then there is “Accidental Runner” -
This game just plain steals the ‘Vehicle Game’ project provides for learning by Epic, gets Owen, and makes him continually run in an infinite loop while dodging spinning bushes, the bushes also being an asset from the Vehicle game.

There are also many more games, and will continue to be more as people seem to think that they can make this sort of s**t and get away with it.
I would really like Epic to consider DMCA takedowning these atrocities of mindless plagiarism so that people learn this is unacceptable. This will improve Steam, and it will stop these ‘games’ from being associated at all with UE4 and Epic, which is also a very good thing.

I think most of those games use Freely available assets. while I consider it shameless how much they used for the scenes. I think there allowed to to that. If not, then I agree. EPIC KILL THEM! (If they did something wrong.)

I believe the example content assets are okay to use providing the game was made with UE4 and you pay your royalties…

Am I mistaken or it’s perfectly fine to use the marketplace assets? About the Accidental Runner really funny, but what’s wrong with PHANTASMAL: CITY OF DARKNESS?

people are allowed to use epics assets in their games if they want so they haven’t actually done anything wrong, although I agree the accidental runner game sucks and shouldn’t be for sale but there is nothing anyone can really do about it.

The games are **** though :eek:

What you’re asking is for Epic to break the law. Just because the quality of a product is poor does mean that you can punish them. Caveat emptor, the market will decide whether to support such products. If anything, you should be complaining to Valve who among their numerous terrible business practices is their refusal to take responsibility for curation of Steam.

Hey, look on the bright side, that means it’s not to hard to get a GOOD game on there.

I agree with Alaan, valve should do a better job curating these. This is precisely why we have Jon Jones. =)

I take it you haven’t worked with Steam yet. They have entirely held up good games for arbitrary reasons sometimes as statements. They’re a very disoriented company.

I am all aware of how discombobulated their company, products, and “management” is. You should hear some of their internal dialogue about the engine. Don’t even get me started on what they did to many talented VAs like Ross Scott with the whole Dota thing, and the Steam Machine debacle. Wow.

I’m wondering the same thing - Phantasmal has some commonly used assets, but I’m not seeing any blatant issues?

Regardless, the assets are free to use.

Epic are not going to impose sanctions on the types of legitiment games that people can make, and I think we all agree that they shouldn’t. The moment they do that they become evil overlords that control your fate. However, if these games use the EPIC Games or Unreal Engine logos, and Epic believe they are damaging their brand then for sure they should be removed.

Anyway, I might have a personal opinion on the games but regardless of what the opinion is I still say congrats to the developers for having put something up on the market.