@Epic - dependency management

Hello Epic Devs,

first of all, I have to say, you guys are doing an amazing job with UE4.

My question/suggestion is regarding more adventurous of us, wishing to live on the bleeding edge and wanting to build from latest source on the master branch. What seems to be the most problematic part with building from master is the dependency issue. I’ve seen around the forums that you guys are looking into finding a better way of distributing the files and keeping them more up to date for us.

Have you considered using some sort of the dependency management repository systems, where a branch could have a config file with version of dependencies it needs to build that a utility could use to download the required dependencies. So whenever the dev team commits changes to the branch, the dependencies required to build are added (or version value updated) in the config file. This is relatively similar how various github hosted projects tend to deal with external dependencies (like using npm for node .js projects, composer for php, etc …).

Would be quite interesting to know what kind of solution you guys are thinking off to attempt to resolve this :slight_smile: (as GitHub release downloads are painfully slow, and obviously more work for you guys to constantly update the release for the specific tag)

I am also interested by this subject!

For future references, this has been discussed here!&p=20380&viewfull=1#post20380