Enums Localization problem

Hello all

I am trying to translate my proyect to different languages. I got all my words in some enums, one for the names of the objects, another for the sentences, and so on…

My problems is that: after translate the objects names, and some sentences using the localization dashboard, when i play my game in Stand alone game mode ( with -culture=en additional command), i can see the name of the objetcts in english, but no the sentences, those are still in spanish!

I revised what the gather text operation do and i notice this:

  • In the correct enums translations, the namespace/key fit with the Package/key on the original enumerator
  • In the incorrect translations, the namespace/key and the package/key from the enumerator are completly different !

So… my question is, why the gather text operation do not use the correct enumerator package/key number in some of them? i am missing something?
here you got 2 images to see the problem:

correct translation:

incorrect one:

Thanks for your help