Entry level card for Unreal 4?

Hey guys,
I want to get started with game designing and I am learning 3D Max, Photoshop and Unreal.
But I do not have a PC capable of handling these softwares
My current config
Core i3-3210
Gigabyte H61m-S1 rev2.1
4gb ram ddr3
a bad psu
1tb HDD
no gpu

Well for now all i am thinking to do is
Buy a GPU which is cheap entry level I am considering GTX 960 but need you guys suggestions I do not have a heavy budget not even to buy a 970 or else obviously i would’ve opted for a quadro so please recommend good cheap stuff
An SSD Kingston UV300 120 gb Is it necessary to buy a ssd i mean should I put this money for a good gpu…?
And a good PSU i am considering corsair cx500 but if you guys know anything better and cheaper than this then please tell me
Total juice I have to squeeze is around $400usd
So if you guys think anything else is required to be upgraded please let me know
And please guys any help is really appreciated!

AMD is making some great new chips, they will release cards later this year probably.
If you can you should wait, some healthy competition will force that not so honest nvidya to drop prices.

Now how many monitors you have and their resolutions?
For single monitor or 2 that are not higher than HD i think 960 could do.
More than that and you need 970 or 980.

But my advice now is to wait for AMD and pray they kick nvidia butt, healthy competition will force them to drop prices.
It also looks like new AMD chips will (finally) be more powerful than nvidia and much cheaper.

The 960 runs very well, that’s still fairly high-end. As far as AMD goes^ they’re actually fairly competitive with their graphics cards, but people have generally decided to just avoid AMD for the most part. They have the most issues but when they work the performance is pretty on-par with Nvidia. Nvidia will be coming out with new cards in May as well, not sure if it will have something to replace the GTX 960 though or if they’re only releasing the replacement for the 980.

AMD has the best, affordable gpu’s.

Visit Newegg or Amazon and price the AMD R7 370 4GB.

I picked mine up at Newege for $135. On top of which, I also get a $15 cash back rebate. This card has been amazing at running UE, Maya, and Stingray (for my game development needs).

Make sure you get at least 2 gig vid mem on whatever card you choose (a 4 gig 960 is working well for my needs), anything less and you will kick yourself later. I’d also push my Cpu to at least 4 core before I went ssd and try and get your main ram up to 8 gig minimum.
Hope some of that helps. :slight_smile: