Entities/Objects/Actors 'Dissappear' when their origin inside inside the cameras FOV

Okay so, second issue I’m having today… I’ve created some Godray actors very similar to the ones in the Blueprint Examples level. Unfortunately, when the origin of the actor isn’t within the camera’s field of view, the entire object snaps out of view.

This seems to be happening both in PIE and Play in External Window, is there anyway to force the objects to draw properly? This also has been happening with my particle systems recently, mainly GPU sprites, I believe it’s an issue with the object bounds, as since setting fixed bounds for my GPU particles the problem went away.

As this object is generated dynamically however, how can I force the size of the bounds?

I had answered your GPU particles issue on AnswerHub a couple of days ago. Don’t know what’s up with godrays though.

Yeah I just saw that, that’s waht made me think it’s related to bounds.

I know that the Godrays use WorldPositionOffset to set the size of the mesh. This is handled by the GPU, whereas the bounds are calculated on the CPU if I remember correctly. It’s likely that using WPO doesn’t update the objects bounds. I guess I’ll have to approach it another way…

Epic Documentation is Epic: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/RenderingVisualizers/OutOfBoundsPixels/index.html

All I need to do is scale the bounds in the blueprint, although apparently there’s no option to do that on-the-fly for best performance.